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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

just peachy...

The peaches are at their prime....but evidently I am not.  

This morning I thought I will just can a few jars of peaches...oh my goodness, what a mess.  I even had to mop the floor that had already been clean.  It quickly came to me why I had not canned peaches for a long time.  

When we lived in the orchard, it was so easy. We did it like we did so many things...FAMILY STYLE....assembly line with lots of fun and laughter AND it was OUTSIDE. mess.
 And..each jar contained not only yummy peaches but a great memory of fun.

I think we had better savor these few jars because it won't be happening again.  This summer we will just eat our way through fresh peach season and I am sure I can find a terrific bargain on canned peaches for winter.

 Anyone need a couple of blue speckled very used caners?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Paper the bazaar

Nadine and I had a wonderful time "peddling paper blessings" at the Women's Century Club bazaar on Saturday.  The weather was hot...but the turn out was good and we were quite happy with our "success".

One of my very favorites though was a delightful little 100 Year old lady named Margaret Keys who had a table and was selling her published book, by a local author.  The Hat Lady 
She was fun to be with....colorfully dressed in bright orange hat and dress, black shoes and white ankle socks.  During the show, she got tired so simply laid down under her table and took a nap.  That must be at least part of the secret of her longevity.