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Monday, January 4, 2010

Library Lady...

Funny, I don't even know her name...I have always just called her "Library Lady". I really like her a lot although, we are about as opposite as they come. My smiles come easy...hers seldom come. She loved "Kite Runner"...I hated it.

I arrived at the library with a heap of overdue books after being with Eric for his first round of Chemo. Feeling the need to "justify" my tardiness at returning my books...I explained where we had been. "Library Lady" began to cry and fumble around trying to just get me checked out quickly before she totally lost it. Unexpectedly her wall had come down and she had allowed me into "her world"....her private place that explained why the smiles don't come easily. When she isn't at her job, she is the caregiver for her husband and has been for quite some time. In addition, she visits her mother regularly in a facility. That doesn't leave any time for her. I am happy that she trusts me to be her friend...and care about her.

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  1. When we let our guard down for others to see the 'real' world we live in...they will invite us to see theirs. Praising God for you right now Shari...knowing you are His beautiful daughter and listening to His heartbeat!