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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The waves are big...

"The waves are big...the wind will blow...but
Jesus is still in the boat."
Could it be just 17 days? Just 17 days since Eric called us from the hospital...could it be? My heart seemed to "hitchhike to my toes" when he said he had been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Lymphoma.
"Father in Heaven, what does this mean? I know you have a plan."
The journey over the mountain to Burien seemed endless. We walked into a roomful of family and friends surrounding Eric...surrounding him with love, prayer, laughter, tears, a strong sense of connection...anything he needed as he received the first Chemo. We were drawn into the group and felt a sense of peace when we heard the word "treatable"...even though it was a six to eight month process. Treatable. This means going into the hospital every day and spending 4 days in the hospital on a 21 day rotation.

"For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with you." Matthew 8:20 NIV

This group of people continued to surround Eric for the entire four days he was in the hospital taking turns staying with him at night...just loving him. Even now they are just a phone call away and willing to cover the miles quickly to get to him. I am in awe.
Ben and I stayed until the day after Christmas....we felt the need to get home and let sleep cover us with a blanket of time and space so all the spinning orbs in our personal cosmos would realign themselves. I guess we just needed to find our center of gravity. We too are just a phone call away and willing to cover the miles quickly.
only 17 days...could it be?...thank you, Father, for your goodness.


  1. You and your family will continue to be in my prayers Shari! Love to you and prayers up to Him!

  2. Wonderful Shari. Your best writing comes straight from your heart.

  3. Wow - I just now got onto your blog. It is wonderful and most inspiring. Thank you for sharing about the "library lady" and her wall. And your trek over the mountains and the scene of supporters surrounding Eric in his trauma trip . . . All our family stand with you, sometimes in the silent stance but always with prayer.