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Sunday, February 21, 2010

A candle of hope

The scriptures tell us to "call out to God and He will answer "...that is exactly what we did during that ten days we spent with Eric at the Highline Hospital...four days in intensive Care and six days in the Cancer wing. The time felt dark but God gave us many reminders that he was there with us. We were thankful for each reminder... a candle of hope that shined brightly in the dark corners of our minds.

The sun shined brightly today...well, every once in a while it shined - but I was well aware and again, thankful for each bright moment. I LOVE the sunshine! When the kids were growing up, they teasingly referred to Eric as "Mama's Little Sunshine". I'm not sure if they did that because they knew sunshine was one of my very favorite things or because he was a peace-loving child with a sunny disposition. I guess he is still "Mama's little sunshine" even at 43 years of age.

I can't help but think about the fact that the "sun" doesn't shine brightly ALL the time in our lives - not even in "Shari-World". However, even during the dark and dreary times, God lets light shine in on us just when we need it most - a candle of hope. Isn't that amazing?

"Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me. and I will listen to you."we read in Jeremiah 29:12.

My friend, Nicole reminded me that "...the I in that verse is God Himself...He will listen..."

Can you imagine? The GOD of the UNIVERSE has His eye on and cares about MY son, Eric.

Fast forward six months or so to the day when the Dr says Eric is free of Cancer...I will remember all the moments that God allowed the sun to shine as a candle of hope into our lives and know that when we "call out to God - HE will listen and answer." I will let everyone know about God's faithfulness.

You will recognize me...the little old lady right out front, wildly flapping her arms, jumping up and down and shouting "Thank you Father...thank you, Father...I called out to you and You answered...thank you, Father. "We called out to God...and He answered."

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